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T801 General Banking Others EM  EH  IG  JA  NI  NH  RA  RH  RI  ZA  ZH 
T802 Financial Accounting Financial Management EM  RH 
T803 Management Accounting Financial Management EM  RH 
T804 Taxs and Low Financial Management AB  NA 
T810 Loan specialist Credit IG  JA  NI  RA  SB 
T811 Praktical experience of trade in FOREX (EUR/USD, DAILY/HOURLY) market Others KR 
T812 Bank Branch Manager Management AJ  IG  JA  NI  RA  RM  SB  ZA 
T813 Financial Risk Manager(FRM) Risk AJ  EM  JA     
T815 Morgage Lending spesialist Credit IK  IG  RA 
T817 Chief Accountants of Bank Branches Management AHN  AJ  EM  JA  NI  RT  RH  SB  ZA 
T818 Human Resources Practitioner Management FS  JA  NA 
T819 Bank Customer Service Specialist Marketing and Sales IG  JA  NI  NMM  ZA 
T820 Foundation of Banking Risk (GARP RCP) Risk AZV  EM  NI 
T821 Preparation for ACCA DipIFR (Rus) Exam Financial Management EM  RH 
T825 Financial Accounting (ACCA F3/FFA exam preparation) Financial Management CHA 
T829 Internal Audit’s Role in Governance, Risk and Control (CIA, Pt 1) Risk CHA  RMM 

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