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Code Title Group of topics
T101 Corporate Governance Management JA 
T102 Strategic Management Management JA 
T103 Organization of HR Management Management AIB  EA  JA 
T104 Performance appraisal and motivation Management AIB  FS  JA 
T105 Performance Appraisal & Motivation Management AIB  FS  JA 
T107 Branch Management Management IG  JA  NI 
T108 Project Management Management ER 
T109 Efficient organization of business processes Management JA 
T110 Bank management Management JA 
T118 Quality Management Management  
T120 General Management Management JA 
T121 Building Up & Analysis of Business Plans Management EM  IG 
T122 Personnel management Management FS  JA 
T125 Practical aspects of Human Resources Management Management FS  JA 
T126 Operational management and organization of back office work in banks Management JA 
T127 Job gradation and main salary Management JA 
T201 Organization of Risk Management Risk JA  REA 
T202 Liquidity Risk Management Risk AZV 
T203 Operational Risk Management Risk JA 
T204 Credit Risk Management Risk RA 
T205 Assets/Liabilities Management. Treasury Risk AJ  IM 
T206 Currency Operations in FOREX market Risk KR 
T208 Internal Control Systems & Internal Audit in Banks Risk PG  RH 
T209 Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing Measures Risk ZA 
T210 Market Risks Management Risk AZV  AJ  EM  JMR 
T211 Image, Strategic Risks Management Risk EM  JA 
T215 Stress testing Risk AZV  EM 
T216 Banking fraud Risk JA 
T217 Audit and Assurance Risk NB 
T229 Practical implementation of COSO Internal Control – Integrated Framework Risk AF 
T229 Bank Liquidity Risk Management in the Basel III & Capital Requirements Directive IV (CRD4) Framework Risk VİH 
T301 Financial Planning and Budgeting in Banks Financial Management EM  RH 
T302 International Financial Reporting Standards Financial Management RH 
T303 Practical accountig Financial Management EM  FB  AA 
T304 Fixed & Intangible Assets – Accounting, Depreciation & Amortization Financial Management EM  RH 
T305 Calculation Techniques in Financial Services Financial Management EM  RH 
T306 Cost calculation Financial Management EM  RH 
T310 Financial Controlling in Banks Financial Management RH  AA 
T311 Financial Management for CEO’s Financial Management EM  RH 
T313 IFRS for SME Financial Management EM  RH 
T314 Financial accounting for sole proprietors and small enterprises Financial Management EM  RH 
T316 International Financial Reporting Standards for insuranse companies Financial Management EM  RH 
T317 Cost - Benefit analysis Financial Management ER 
T319 Financial Assessment Financial Management ZS 
T320 Financial Management: Financial Reporting and Analysis Financial Management EM  RH 
T401 Credit Management Credit NI  RA 
T402 Lending to Small and Medium Enterprises Credit NI  RA 
T403 Lending to Agriculture Credit NI  RA 
T404 Problem Loans Management Credit RA 
T405 Mortgage Loans Credit IK  NI  RA 
T406 Leasing Management Credit NI  RA 
T407 Microfinance Credit NI  RA 
T408 Credit Assessment Credit NI  RA 
T409 Credit Monitoring Credit NI  RA 
T410 Bank Guarantees Credit NI  RA 
T411 Consumer Loans Credit NI  RA 
T414 Credit Portfolio Management Credit EM  NI  RA 
T415 Credit Rating Credit NI  RA 
T417 Investment appraisal Credit NI  RA 
T418 Credit Scoring Credit RA 
T419 Business Lending Credit RA 
T420 Legal Aspects of Problem Loans Management Credit SB 
T501 Marketing & Sales Marketing and Sales IG 
T502 New Product Development Marketing and Sales AZ  IG 
T503 Sales promotion, Advertisement & PR Marketing and Sales AZ  IG 
T504 Organization of Customer Service Marketing and Sales IG 
T507 Plastic Cards Operations Marketing and Sales NI  NMM 
T508 Urgent money transfers Marketing and Sales NI  RMH 
T509 Electronic Banking Marketing and Sales IK 
T511 International Trade Finance. Guarantees and letters of credit Marketing and Sales IG  NI 
T512 Letters of Credit Marketing and Sales IG  NI 
T513 Foreign Currency Regulation Marketing and Sales NI 
T514 Cash Operations Marketing and Sales NI 
T515 Non-Cash Operations Marketing and Sales NI 
T516 Market Researches Marketing and Sales IG  NI 
T517 Accounts: Opening, Servicing & Closure Others NI 
T518 Customer Services and Sales Techniques Marketing and Sales AZ  IG 
T520 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Marketing and Sales IG  JA  IK 
T522 Private Banking Marketing and Sales IG  GG 
T524 Retail Banking Marketing and Sales IG 
T525 Handling Customer Claims and Complaints Marketing and Sales IG 
T526 Call Centre Organization Marketing and Sales IG 
T527 Customer Retention Marketing and Sales IG 
T538 Anticrisis marketing Marketing and Sales MSH 
T601 Leadership Soft Skills EH  JA 
T602 Business Ethics and Corporative Behavior Soft Skills JA 
T603 Business Communication & Negotiation Skills Soft Skills JA 
T604 Preparation & Facilitation of Business Meetings Soft Skills CHM  JM  SS 
T605 Presentation Skills Soft Skills ER  JM 
T606 Time Management Soft Skills JM 
T607 Conflict management Soft Skills YO 
T608 Change Management Soft Skills JM 
T609 Effective team management Soft Skills JA 
T610 Modern Training Methods Soft Skills RA 
T612 Stress management Soft Skills HA 
T701 IT Governance IT Management IAL 
T702 Organization of Information Security Others NH 
T703 IT Audit Others IAL  NH 
T707 Practical use of MS Excel® Others EM  RA 
T717 COBIT standart's fundamentals and practical using Management IAL  NH 
T719 Security Audit of an Oracle Database IT Management PF 
T901 Banking Legislation Others RM  SB 
T902 Cleric work in business Others JA 
T903 Tax Legislation Others AB 
T904 Procurement Others RR 
T905 Physical Security of offices and admission regime Others YT 
T906 Mathematical Statistics in Finance Marketing and Sales EM  NI 
T908 Organization of internal trainings in organization Others JA  RA 
T910 Labour safety and health protection management system (OHSAS 18001:2007) Others  
T916 Train the trainer Others BG 
T919 Working with payment systems (SWIFT, AZIPS, BCSS, CISMP) Others RMH  OR 
T935 Labor legislation Others NA 

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