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Improvement of human resources management system
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The scope of work of the Project is following:

1.    Establishment (if already exist, review and improvement) of HRM Committee, development of its manual.

2.    Conducting of interviews with management of the institution and processing of results.

3.    Development of anonymous survey questionnaire and processing of results.

4.    Analysis of HRM processes, policies and procedures.

5.    Development of manual of HRM organizational structure (if exists, its reviewing and improvement).

6.    Identification of workloads within the institution (if exist, their reviewing and improvement), establishment of ongoing workload monitoring system.

7.    Reviewing of the structure of job descriptions, improvement, and development of templates and delivery of seminars for senior staff on development and upgrading of job descriptions.

8.    Development of manual for recruitment system (if exist, then its reviewing and improvement).

9.    Grading of jobs, establishment of competitive salary system on each grade (if exist, then its reviewing and improvement).

10.    Development of ratings and rating based remuneration system for Customer Services Units (if exist, then its reviewing and improvement).

11.    Establishment of performance appraisal system (if exists, then its reviewing and improvement), both for structural units and employees, by implementing KPI and SMART systems.

12.    Development of intensive compensation system, containing over 40 different economic and non-economic motivation forms  for better stimulation of individual and group performance (if exists, then its reviewing and improvement) and its approval by institution.

13.    Development of career planning system (if exists, then its reviewing and improvement) and its approval by institution.

14.    Development of codes of business ethics, etiquette and corporate behavior  for the institution (if exist, then their reviewing and improvement).

15.    Establishment of internal training center (if exist, then its reviewing and improvement).

16.    Identification of training needs and individual development plans (if exists, its reviewing and improvement).

17.    Development of internal training delivery capacity in the institution ( if exist, then its reviewing and improvement)

18.    Support in implementation of proposed systems,

Results achieved from implementation of the project:

  • HRM has been analyzed  by conducted anonymous surveys among all employees, interviews with senior staff, revision of existing documents and other methods. The results of the analysis are reported and recommendations for improvement of HRM are prepared and presented to the Project Group and Management of institution.

  • Institution has HRM risk minimization policy covering of all aspects (organization, recruitment, development, performance appraisal, motivation, human reserves, career development, employee dismissal, business ethic and etiquette, corporate behavior, social responsibility etc.).

  • Senior staff has sufficient knowledge and skills on identification and assessment of workload, development and improvement of job descriptions for each position.

  • All jobs have been graded by applying of more than 100 criteria and the institution has competitive salary system on each grade.

  • Institution has comprehensive performance appraisal system, inclduing KPIs and measures for assessment of performance of structural units as well as employees.

  • Institution has intensive compensation system, based on ratings for customer service units and for employees.

  • Institution has monthly bonus system for back and front office employees, and sales managers, dependent on quantity and quality of sales.

  • Institution has intensive motivation system containing more than 40 economic and non-economic stimulus measures for individuals and groups.   

  • Institution has well developed recruitment system.

  • Institution has relevant codes of business ethics, etiquette, and corporate behavior and all employees are provided with “working handbooks”.

  • Institution has internal training center, written procedures and team of internal trainers.

  • Institution staff is informed of and trained on new HRM systems.

  • Managers and related staff have got sufficient knowledge and skills on HRM.



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