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CIMA exam preparation

The Azerbaijan Bank Training Centre (ABTC) enrolls students for following CIMA Level training cources provided by BPP Professional Education.
In class (face-to-face) or distant (online) trainings are offered in 2 formats:
OCR Global Online Classroom Training valid for a period of time. Online training resources available 24/7 within this period. sample>>
OCRL Global Online Classroom Live In addition to above online live video sessions provided. Delivered as integrated course or 3 step (Taught - Revision - Exam practice) depending on level. sample>>

 For dates & prices of selected level and courses please, clickbutton in the column corresponding to training format.

Certificate Level
C01 - Fundamentals of Management Accounting
C02 - Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
C03 - Fundamentals of Business Mathematics
C04 - Fundamentals of Business Economics
C05 - Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate
Governance & Business Law  
Operational Level
E1 - Enterprise Operations
P1 - Performance Operations
F1 - Financial Operations

Management Level
E2 - Enterprise Management
P2 - Performance Management
F2 - Financial Management

Strategic Level
E3 - Enterprise Strategy
P3 - Performance Strategy
F3 - Financial Strategy

Test of Professional Competence
T4 - TOPCIMA (September Exam)  
T4 - TOPCIMA (November Exam)  

For enrollment to a course, please,  click [BPP Global Registration Form] button below and download registration form to your computer. Fill up [PERSONAL DETAILS] and [COURSE DETAILS] parts of interactive PDF registration form and e-mail to


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