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ABTC consultancy services have the following outstanding advantages:
  • Consultancy products developed on the basis of the US, European and Japanese experience were adapted to specific market of Azerbaijan;
  • ABTC specialists posses perfect knowledge of the local environment and Law;
  • Consultancy services are accompanied  by development of policies, regulations, manuals and software solutions, followed by training on practical use;
  • Analysis or presentations on each module of a project are made in a way not to harm the normal activity beneficiary;
  • Presented documents are distributed to all members of Project Group as well as to the Management of the Beneficiary, that stimulate efficient discussions on  one hand and minimize the risk of consultancy services to an individual;
  • All proposals are tailor-made fully based on the needs of  beneficiary;
  • Post-project support, without extra payment is provided on all issues, which arise during the implementation of recommendations, including extra consultancy services, which cannot be offered by a foreign consultant;
  • Recommendations are not given for single use but for development of  systems.
  • If beneficiary wishes, ABTC consultants shall work beyond regular work hours and on holidays on the basis of approved schedule;

The consultancy mission of ABTC is to provide business partner with outstanding services that will establish systems and the customer shall not apply to a consulting company with the same project.

ABTC provides for a desired work schedule and methods requested by a Bank’s Management, and complies with the principles of “customer satisfaction.”

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