Cost - Benefit analysis

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12 hours (three times a week for 4 hours)

Target Group:

Finance managers, Investment project managers, Specialists monitoring investment projects



Cource Description:


Module 1.Essence of Cost - Benefit analysis

  • Significance of Cost - Benefit analysis
  • Local & international experience on Cost - Benefit analysis
  • Principles of considering various recourses in Cost - Benefit analysis
  • Current & future values

Module 2.Cash flow chart

  • Investment and project operation expenses
  • Expected income & rules of entering them into examination table

Module 3.Investment selection criteria

  • Net Present Value
  • Internal Rate of Returnee
  • Cost - Benefit comparison
  • Investment Return period and etc.

Module 4. Analysis of Cost - Benefit from various angles

  • Definition of benefit and cost matters and project profitability from the owners/investors position
  • Selection among alternative investments and rules of prioritizing possible investments
  • Cost - Benefit analysis from crediting position

Module 5. Various criteria influencing investment

  • Impact of taxes, subsidy and depreciation on project profitability and ways of its improvement
  • Rules of entering into project decision-making model recourse values left after project implementation
  • Definition of account receivable, account payable, inventory and cash-account remainder, their impact on project decision-making, and their improvement in terms of project profitability
  • Accounting inflation and exchange rate changes
  • Rules of improving investment or project finance indicators considering inflation and exchange rate changes
  • Selecting the best size and volume, and also starting period and duration of the project
  • Long-term investment strategy approach and comprehensive analysis in terms of all financial indicators
  • Investment risk analysis and management theory, used statistic concepts and methodology
  • Risk approach principles
  • Possible variation in entering parameters and measuring their impact on investment or project profitability
  • Finding harmless costs and implementation of possible strategies
  • Rules of taking into account errors in initial parameters and forecasts on investment
  • Definition of impact caused by initial parameters and forecasts changes on investment and project profitability
  • Expected values of alternative investments and projects; measures of mitigation, transfer and prediction of unexpected circumstances; risk premiums and their impact on selection
  • Comprehensive analysis of investment profitability and project profitability along with risks and rules of selection among different options
  • Subjective factors impacting selection
  • Optimizing investment portfolio, and sorting investment and project options according to their prioritization

Module 6. Information source of analysis

  • Information needed for Cost - Benefit analysis, their analysis and methods of use
  • Alternative approaches to Cost - Benefit analysis and their joint use

Module 7. Ethic problems in income/expenses analysis

  • Ethic issues in Cost - Benefit analysis and decision-making and progressive experience in this area
  • Continuous use of Cost - Benefit and risk analysis, matters of institutionalization within an organization and also division
At the end of the course the participants will know the following:
  • most progressive methodology of Cost - Benefit analysis,
  • full implementation of income/expenses analysis and alternative methods on a real investment project,
  • selection, prioritization among alternative investments, and optimization of portfolio,
  • risk analysis of investments and use of the computer program; and their full application in their (or their organization’s) real investment project.